Five Rookies Who Will Outperform Their Stock

The 2019 NBA draft was considered to be a top heavy draft, but with movement all draft night, many teams took chances on their guy. With that, there were several prospects who slipped further than they likely should have. These are FOG’s favorites.

Darius Bazley

            Bazley was selected as the 23rd pick after consistently increasing his stock throughout the draft process. With no college experience, the 19 year old forward will not have an immediate impact, but the Thunder are in rebuild mode and will look to give him all the chances to develop. With a game reminiscent of Lamar Odom, he brings OKC some athletic burst down low as well as an impressive, underrated perimeter package.

Keldon Johnson

         Johnson, out of Kentucky, was selected 29th overall by the San Antonio Spurs. The 6 foot 6 wing dropped due to his lack of being great anything on either end of the court, yet the Spurs picked up on his ability to be very good at a lot of things. Johnson has an ideal frame and motor. The shooting stroke is still finding its consistency, as is the ability to make plays for others. Early on, Johnson will provide a spark playing defense and getting buckets. Look for Johnson to star in his role with underrated Spurs young core.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

         N-A-W was selected at the 17th pick out of Virginia Tech. With a very mature game along with impressive physical numbers, Alexander-Walker already looks to be a steal for the Pelicans. Jrue Holiday is absolutely an ideal veteran fit for Nickeil to learn from as a playmaking, all three level scorer as well as defensive anchor. All of these traits were displayed in the NBA Summer League. Most think Pelicans hit the lottery notching Zion Williamson at number one, but a diamond in the rough in Nickeil Alexander-Walker, especially post lottery, looks to be a special find.

Cam Reddish

         Reddish had a very high stock, nabbed by the Atlanta Hawks at the 10th pick, yet has all the makings to be a top three player from this class. Reddish fits into the young core of the Hawks to a tee, surrounding Trae Young with more shooting. Reddish has to focus on consistency, but can attack off the bounce and spotting up on the perimeter. He has an elite shooting stroke, a massive wingspan and an impressive defensive trajectory. Hawks got a massive upside steal in Cam Reddish.

Jaxson Hayes

         Hayes is another prospect selected high, and while it might be bold, he has got all the tools to prove he was worth more. The Pelicans selected Hayes, out of Texas, at the 8th pick. Hayes is an uber athletic, long armed, rim-running, shot blocker who found a perfect fit in New Orleans. In just one offseason, the Pelicans acquired multiple players who love to run and gun, and thrive while in transition. Hayes has magnets for hands and loves to go up and over the defenders with a relentless motor. His offensive variety must grow to diversify looks he will receive, but not many teams have a guy like Jaxson Hayes.

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