The Debate: Top 3 Quarterbacks in College Football

Portions Contributed by Sam Snower

There is much debate about the current top quarterbacks in college football, as gunslingers currently run NCAA football. Proving the importance even further, these prospects are the future of the NFL.

Trevor Lawrence

The 6 foot 6 215 pound quarterback from Clemson University is the best college QB prospect we have seen since Andrew Luck and John Elway of Stanford. Not only does he have the height, composure, and arm strength of an NFL caliber Quarterback but he also has the legs and mind to put pressure on defenses at all time. In his first game of his sophomore campaign Trevor Lawrence went a modest 13 for 23 with 168 yards 1 touchdown and two interceptions, while adding a rushing touchdown. This game, despite what Skip Bayless thinks, does not ruin Trevor Lawrences Heisman chances. Georgia Tech went all out to stop the pass game rarely sending 5 or more pass rushers. This showed in how Clemson ran the ball so efficiently. Last year the Clemson Quarterback threw 8 touchdowns to 0 interceptions in the ACC championship and the playoffs. Against Alabama, a top 3 defense, in the championship game Trevor dismantled a “kinda almost” NFL caliber defense with some of the tightest throws ever displayed on the biggest stage of College Football.

2018: Freshman Stats

65.3 Completion%, 3280 yards, 30 TD, 4 INT, 1 rushing touchdown

Justin Herbert

Herbert, the 6 foot 6 237 pound quarterback, the local from Eugene, Oregon has come out of no where from a three star recruit to a Heisman front runner and potential top 10 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Herbert has a cannon arm, and has put on almost 30 pounds since he entered the Oregon Duck program. With a game reminiscent to Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz, Herbert has underrated athleticism and an impeccable ability to throw on the run and outside the numbers. Herbert flourishes in the Oregon spread attack, forecasting a smooth transition to the modern NFL. In three seasons as a starting quarterback, Herbert has an average of 153 QB rating. He rarely makes mistakes, and makes difficult throws look easy. There are not many pass throwers besides the aforementioned Trevor Lawrence that have the arm talent and intangibles Herbert holds. The Oregon Ducks will go as far as Justin Herbert takes them in the 2019-2020 season.

2018: Junior Stats

59.4 Completion%, 3151 yards, 29 touchdowns, 8 int, 2 rushing touchdowns

Jalen Hurts

Like the past two Heisman winners this Quarterback is a transfer from a power house football school to the Sooners. Jalen, in his first game had a beautiful display of exactly what he brings to the table. The 6 foot 2 220 pound quarterback is essentially a running back under center. Unlike most Dual Threat QB’s, Jalen Hurts is an incredibly accurate and high percentage thrower. During his sophomore year when he was benched for Tua Tagovailoa in the championship game he had 17 passing touchdowns, 8 rushing touchdowns to one interception. In his first game under Lincoln Riley, Hurts went to work. Throwing 23 times and completing 20 passes for 332 yards and 3 scores. On the ground he added 176 yards on 16 carries and another three scores, setting his career high on the ground. If Jalen Hurts can stack together performances like he did against the Houston Cougars, you should expect Oklahoma to be in the thick of the college football playoff conversation.

2016: Freshman Stats at Alabama

62.8 Completion %, 2780 yards, 23 touchdowns, 9 int, 954 yards rushing, 13 rushing touchdowns

Who’s Missing?

Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama): Tua has all the numbers and all the weapons to have a Heisman type season in 2019-2020. But, in terms of pure talent of collegiate quarterbacks, and forecasting the trajectory of these prospects, there are higher potential, stronger intangible gun slingers. Tua has elite accuracy and shows a consistently impressive pocket presence. Overall, Tua needs to unleash new facets of his game to prove all the professional hype.

Sam Ehlinger (Texas): Ehlinger is another quarterback getting a ton of hype in 2019-2020. Ehlinger is a prospect who is good at a lot of things as a thrower, but still not great at anything. He can make all the throws and is an underrated athlete, but does not yet have the resume to back it up. This seems like a make or break season for Ehlinger as a prospect moving forward.

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