FOG Forecast: NFL Playoff Picture Week 15

As the regular season comes to an end, the playoff picture shifts into focus. However, many teams have yet to clinch their spot, and tomorrow many will. Here is my spin on how it all goes down.


Already Clinched:

  1. Baltimore Ravens (12-2)
  2. NE Patriots (10-3)
  3. KC Chiefs (9-4)

FOG’s projected playoff seeding

4. Tennessee Titans (8-5) Projected record: 10-6 Remaining opponents: vs. HOU, vs. NO, @HOU

The resurgence of Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee has burst open the middle of the field more than any other time under Mike Vrabel, which almost makes Derrick Henry’s job way too easy.

5. Buffalo Bills (9-4) Projected record: 11-5 Remaining opponents: @PIT, @NE, vs. NYJ

In Buffalo’s first appearance on primetime in 12 yearsJosh Allen will outduel Delvin Hodges on Sunday primetime and clinch a playoff berth for Buffalo’s gritty squad.

6. Houston Texans (8-5) Projected Record: 9-7 Remaining opponents: @TEN, @TB, vs. TEN

While it is . However, in this circumstance, it would likely come down to the interdivisional winning percentage of the Steelers and the Texans to decide who clinches a spot in the playoffs, according to the official NFL rules.


Already Clinched:

New Orleans Saints (Won NFC South)

FOG’s projected playoff seeding

  1. Seattle Seahawks (10-3) Projected Record: 13-3 Remaining opponents: @CAR, vs. AZ, vs. SF

Seattle has two relatively easy matchups before its potentially biggest game of the season at home against the 49ers. I expect them to get healthy and win all three of these games and secure the number one seed in the NFC thanks to the head to head tie breaker against SF.

2. New Orleans Saints (10-3) Projected Record: 12-4 Remaining opponents: vs. IND, @TEN, @CAR

New Orleans already won the NFC South, now they look to get the highest seed possible. In my eyes, the Saints will beat the Colts but lose to Tennessee on the road in a game that the Titans will most likely need a lot more than the Saints. They will then finish out the season with a win against Carolina, securing a bye.

3. Green Bay Packers (10-3) Projected Record: 12-4 Remaining opponents: vs. CHI, @MIN, @DET

This is put up or shut up time for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense. This defense is stacked, and I think they go 2-1 down the stretch, losing on the road to Minnesota because Kirk can play well at home.

4. Dallas Cowboys (6-7) Projected Record: 8-8 Remaining opponents: vs. LAR, @PHI, vs. WAS

The Cowboys win the division of losers, but I think they win it off of their head-to-head tiebreaker over the Eagles. I think they lose to LA, but somehow Dak and Zeke pull out two wins down the stretch in Philly and at home to win the division.

5. San Fransisco 49ers (11-2) Projected Record: 13-3 Remaining opponents: vs. ATL, vs. LAR, @SEA

The 49ers get the 5th seed after losing to Seattle in the season finale

6. Minnesota Vikings (9-4) Projected Record: 11-5 Remaining opponents: @LAC, vs. GB, vs. CHI

The Vikings are great at home, not so great on the road. I think they may lose today in LA, but I think they reach the playoffs in the end.


WC: AFC: #3 Chiefs defeat #6 Texans, #5 Bills defeat #4 Titans NFC: #3 Packers beat #6 Vikings, #5 49ers beat #4 Cowboys

Divisional: AFC: #3 Chiefs defeat #2 Patriots, #1 Ravens beat #5 Bills NFC: #5 49ers defeat #1 Seattle, #2 Saints defeat #3 Green Bay

Conference: AFC: #1 Ravens defeat #3 Chiefs NFC: #5 49ers defeat #2 Saints

Super Bowl: #1 Ravens defeat #5 49ers

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