NBA Scouting: Jahmi’us Ramsey (Texas Tech) Scouting Report

Jahmi’us Ramsey

6-4 200 pounds

18.8 Years Old

Texas Tech Red Raiders

By Max Feldman


  • Instinctual defender, impressive shot blocker at his size
  • Three level offensive scorer
  • High, smooth, consistent release on jumper
  • Scores efficiently at each level
  • Elite strength, toughness and competitiveness
  • Physically mature, finishes through contact consistently
  • Can defend 1-3 with strength and quickness
  • Elite isolation scorer
  • Elite P&R defender


  • Needs improvement in his change of pace
  • Does not play make for others consistently
  • Gets beat by quicker guards
  • Can be forced left


Jahmi’us Ramsey’s current projections and stock certainly do not match up with the player he displayed he can be in one year at Texas Tech. Ramsey has the tools to transition quickly to the next level and has the potential to be a star down the road.

         Ramsey is a bulldog, and his toughness is contagious to every part of his game. Outside of Anthony Edwards, no player in the class creates with ease as well as Ramsey. The 18-year-old uses a creative blend of strength (200 pounds) and fluidity to score at all three levels. At the rim Ramsey finishes through and over defenders. He uses floaters and push shots off of hop steps to open up his scoring game in the mid-range. A silky, high release on his jumper has strong balance from his footwork all the way up. Ramsey was in the mid 40% range from the field as well as from beyond the arc. Tight handles, a package of spin moves, and an improved post-up game allow Ramsey to have his way around the rim and the mid-range against smaller as well as longer wings. Ramsey excels off ball as a cutter around the rim and as a spot shooter/slasher.

Ramsey is an all-around scorer but lacks a creative passing attack as the ball can stick once it touches his hands at times. His assist numbers are low and has a near 1:1 assist to turnover ratio. Filling a scoring role of former lottery pick Jarrett Culver might have to do with this. His assist numbers are low and has a near 1:1 assist to turnover ratio.

         Ramsey has been a hardnosed defender for years and was the most proven aspect of his game before arriving in Lubbock. Ramsey mature weight and size do not damage his athleticism, displaying a strong vertical and quick footwork. Ramsey averaged nearly a block a game and 1.3 steals per game. He holds a rare trait for just an 18-year-old as an incredibly high IQ defender. While he can get occasionally get caught by quicker guards, Ramsey was rated extremely high in two areas that translate to the NBA to a tee – Isolation situations and while guarding P&R ball handlers.


         Ramsey can slide into an off-ball guard spot and contribute on both ends quickly. He’s certainly not gun-shy and his toughness will go a long way to earning minutes early in his career. He will never be a high assist playmaker for others, but has every scoring tool needed to excel in the modern NBA. Look for fit to be extra important for the team that selects Ramsey, but in the right spot Jahmi’us has all the tools and more to develop into a go-to scorer and potential All-Star.

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