High School Hoops: Final 2021 Rankings

By Max Feldman

Rather quickly, the 2021 recruiting class and the 2022 NBA draft class has become one of my favorites to evaluate in recent years. A wing heavy group with high level athleticism, prominent defensive tools and extremely two-way versatility with a growing sense of polish for 17 year old prospects. Paolo Banchero defines versatility and could wind up as one of the most polarizing NBA prospects of the last decade with how well his skillset fits in the NBA in a wide range of roles. My take on leapfrogging NBA evaluation down an additional level from college and international play takes the spotlight with this class and my rankings, as there multiple increasingly appealing prospects floating outside the top 20 in national rankings. Much more content is to come breaking down this class.

  1. Paolo Banchero
  2. Jaden Hardy
  3. Hunter Sallis
  4. Jabari Smith
  5. Chet Holmgren
  6. Pat Baldwin JR
  7. Brandon Huntley-Hatfield
  8. Daimion Collins
  9. Kendall Brown
  10. Kennedy Chandler
  11. JD Davison
  12. Caleb Houston
  13. Peyton Watson
  14. Moussa Diabate
  15. Michael Foster
  16. Josh Minott
  17. Harrison Ingram
  18. Max Christie
  19. Nate Bittle
  20. AJ Griffin
  21. Ty Ty Washington
  22. Kowacie Reeves
  23. Nolan Hickman
  24. Langston Love
  25. Bryce McGowens

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